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OBBM Roundtable - Liberty Lane Series, Local DFW Election Participation

October 18, 2021 Susan Hamilton / Larry Kortkamp, Craig Onwby Season 4 Episode 235
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OBBM Roundtable - Liberty Lane Series, Local DFW Election Participation
Show Notes

Craig Ownby, Tarrant County Political Consultant, joins hosts Susan Hamilton and Larry Kortkamp to discuss local election participation in DFW. Does your local business play a role in the design of your city? YES.

Only about 5% of the total number of registered voters turnout during a local election season, as opposed to 50-60% during a presidential election.  Discover how your participation can change the course your community may be on. School boards, city council meetings, and commissioner's courts are recorded so you can watch them from the comfort of your own living room. While you can't participate like that, you can become familiar with the procedures and issues being discussed.

For far too long, participation has been sparse, and unfortunately, people that are supposed to be representing us have been getting away with making decisions that are not in our best interests. At this stage, the public has become increasingly unwelcome. It's time to make sure accountability standards are being upheld, and it's well past time to remind our elected officials that we are watching, participating, and voting regularly.

To work with Craig Ownby,  Government Relations Consultant and Contractor, call 817-233-4439.  Email him [email protected].

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