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Influence Over Our Technical World - Biz Pointz Podcast

October 21, 2021 Larry Kortkamp / Will Grey, Teknion Data Solutions Season 4 Episode 187
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Influence Over Our Technical World - Biz Pointz Podcast
Show Notes

Larry Kortkamp is back with Teknion Data Solutions Will Grey to help us understand how we influence our technical world.

Data privacy and data security are often packaged together, but they should really be considered differently.  Will describes in detail how data privacy is misunderstood so we can see our vulnerabilities. We're giving away more data than we think. As a small business, do we know the right questions to ask? What are the implications to using data without the correct permissions, or for that matter, giving it away.

Where is our data going, and how is it being used? When we're using 'big tech', we need a better understanding of how narrow we should actually be. It's likely that broadening our scope of data sets will offer better advertising results. Even so, wearable technology is gathering data that may go where we don't intend for it to go. From an ethical standpoint, businesses have access to marketing data gathered, and a chain of custody for that data is critical to protect. We should be asking if we are over collecting, and how that might be happening.

It's time to be asking better questions to be a better steward of the data we capture. Teknion Data Solutions works with businesses to help them develop the data governance necessary today to take your business into your next level responsibly.

To work with Larry, email [email protected] or call 972-824-8001.
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