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A Child's Emotional Damage From Trauma - Living Well With Carol Podcast

October 21, 2021 Carol Anglin / Jessica Hammock, Certified Trauma Specialist & LPC Season 4 Episode 231
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A Child's Emotional Damage From Trauma - Living Well With Carol Podcast
Show Notes

Host Carol Anglin talks with Jessica Hammock, 12 year Certified Trauma Specialist and Licensed Professional Counselor, working with children and families to learn skills to escape pain from trauma. Over the last 20 mos, our young people have been under serious stress. Behavior is communication, and what we're learning is that the last months have been traumatic to most of us. We're seeing a range of behaviors due to isolation and fear, and this produced a psychosis, and a whole range of coping mechanisms - that weren't necessarily good. 

Basic 5 human survival needs mentioned in this podcast: 

  • Love and belonging
  • Survival
  • Freedom
  • Power
  • Fun

We teach kids what's safe and what's not safe, where to take risks, and where not to take risks. We took normal risk taking behaviors and created an extreme environment of fear, stopping ALL risk, and making them feel that nothing is safe anymore. Children have been inundated with technology, programing that did little to reinforce a normal home life or a belief that a child can trust a parent. Relationships have had the greatest strain they have ever had in our lifetime.  Shame, fear, and anxiety break down our immune system, and shame is long-term baggage that our children don't deserve. Listen in to learn what the signals are, and how we can respond, to be catalysts for emotional healing.

To work with Jessica Hammock, go to VibrantVoice.life, call 972-989-3189, or email [email protected].

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