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Expense Reduction Analysts - Building The Brand Podcast

November 19, 2021 Paul Hittner / Marshall Chapman, Expense Reduction Analysts Season 4 Episode 359
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Expense Reduction Analysts - Building The Brand Podcast
Show Notes

Marshall Chapman with Expense Reduction Analysts talks with Host Paul Hittner about his brand development journey here in DFW.  His past in outside sales taught him how valuable it is to listen to people with empathy.  When you can repeat back what your client has spoken to you, in your own words, communication goes to a whole new level. That's super important in sales, and that's super important in branding.

Marshall attributes networking in DFW as a major success factor. The variety of people we can talk to at networking events is wide and limitless, which makes his ability to resource great services and great rates for his clients a valuable edge.

Ready to take a closer look at your expenses, and find money inside your own business to fund operational costs you've been wanting to implement? Call 817-330-9655 or email MChapman@ExpenseReduction.com, or find Marshall Chapman on LinkedIn.   

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