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Farmers, Fines, and The Fight For Your Food: OBBM Business Roundtable

January 16, 2023 Susan Hamilton / James Lockridge, Grassland Mowing & Commercial Farming Season 5 Episode 602
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Farmers, Fines, and The Fight For Your Food: OBBM Business Roundtable
Show Notes

James Lockridge is back to discuss the citations he recieved in 2022 from Code Compliance that ultimately resulted in significant fines. From 'illegal advertising' to 'certificates of occupancy' and more, these fines had to first be paid before he can go back to appeal their validity.

It's time for Governor Abbott to get involved. This is a rally call to get our councils, boards, and representatives to go to bat for our local farmers, and for the Farm Bureaus to be supported.

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Here are the video episodes:

Contact James at 214-500-0871.

Junkluggers of Irving, Denton, and Grapevine, 630-470-8307
Terrel Tipton, Insperity HR Services, 972-409-4316
Wellness Institute, 469-939-8933
Big Feet Creations, 469-450-7350

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